Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Macaulian Intellectuals Under Spotlight

Why we need to protect our traditional centres of learning that produce "real" intellectuals

Just came across this excerpt from a book A Sense of Seige: The Geopolitics of Islam and the West here, about the pseudo intellectuals, which sadly Pakistan is rife with:
This is a real tragedy. These intellectuals are unable to question their positions and their assumed mission because they have no intellectual, academic or informative resource other than the West to rely on. Western sources are their only assets; and once their link to these sources is lost, they will be abandoned in the middle of a desert. Sadly, these intellectuals are unable to find the spiritual energy and intellectual courage necessary to save themselves and their countries, to preserve their roots, because that would mean denial of what has become their identity. In this case, “the decisive hour,” as defined by Marx -- a concept that evolved into “class suicide” -- takes place, when a part of the ruling class separates itself and joins the revolutionary class. These intellectuals ultimately expect the support of military coups and dicta regimes. The Middle East has the most unfortunate examples of intellectual class suicide. The obstacle to democracy in this region is not Islam, or Muslim people; it is the intellectuals.
A thought provoking excerpt, indeed. Pseudo intellectuals have become a bane of my country's existence. Or is it the case with the entire Muslim world, in general? The only real intellectuals are those who are directly involved with the acquisition and imparting of traditional Islamic learning because they still hold on to the "academic and informative sources other than the West." Pakistan, as one of our teachers used to say, is a very unique country. It is one of those countries where we still find a "mullah" sitting on a straw mat and deriving his "spiritual and intellectual courage" necessary to save his deen, which he "still" equates with his country that emerged on the map of this world in the name of Islam. Despite all the attempts to secularise the nation, defame the "mullah" and Islam, Pakistan is one Muslim country which still has people who consider their religion as being far superior to everything else in life. They are those who, when told their country won't survive the pincer movement against it and would disintegrate, quietly retreat into seclusion and pray for their country, and yet at the same time say that no matter what happens, a Muslims's allegiance is primarily to his deen and if that stays intact all losses are recoverable. May Allah protect Pakistan and the people of deen who still make survival possible in this country.
Source : ((Today's Zaman via) The Critics Diary via)  Musafir-e-Dasht