Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Islam in Japan - 1

Allah (SWT) is Al-Khaliq, the Creator, of every thing.
He is the Creator of all people.
He is the Creator of Japanese people.
He would like Japanese to go to Jannah.
Responsibility to communicate Islam to them is on us.
Are we delivering the goods?
No, we are not.
We sort of have devised a false paradigm for us.
Leave not yours, disturb not other's.
(Apna chhodo mat, doosray ko chhedo mat.)
Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said other wise.
"Those who are here they should take the Deen to those who are not here and so on", he said.
Why have we become oblivious of that?

Here is a two part documentary on Muslims in Japan's Tokyo.