Monday, July 2, 2012

Eating Your Cake and Having it Too

There is a constant dilemma at Sunni Forum.
Brothers keep looking for the way out.
Can I pick and choose from different Madhahib?
Answer is no but they keep asking.
The hope is that may be one day the opinion will be relaxed.
Then there is the tendency for do-it-yourself Tasawwuf.
There is no such thing but youngsters keep looking for the options.
The psychology is rather obvious.
They do want the benefits that flow out of Islam.
And they do not want to pay the price for that.
A sort of eating your cake and having it too type of dilemma.
Is is necessary to do bayt with a Shaykh?
The answer is no but that is not the question that is being asked.
The questioner just want to escape any commitment to a Shaykh.
Till he diminishes his Baser Self before an expert Shaykh he is not going accrue any benefits.
Freedom is a heady thing - he does not want to loose that.
And good things of Islam do not flow till you submit yourself.
And the youngster wanders in hope - may be the rules will change.
This is a vain hope. Islam was finalized fourteen hundred years ago and the rules got finalized then and there.
Allah (SWT) say that enter my slaves and step into my Jannah.
Slavery of Allah (SWT) is the crux of the matter.
Purpose of agreement with a Shaykh is to the same end.
A genuine Shaykh is not looking for personal gratification.
If a person can not differentiate between a genuine and a fake Shaykh then he anyway is in for trouble.
And the same is the case of Taqleed.
The latest discovery in this context is abhorrence for the so called Taqleed-e-Shakhshi.
Following a Madh-hab is following a Companion (RA). It is not following the four Imam (RA). No they were not looking for personal gratification.
That is not the problem.
The problem is that our brothers and sisters with so called avante garde attitudes have got a window which they think can be used to insert the prized personal freedom.
Man is crafty indeed.
But Allah (SWT) is best of the Planners, why do they forget it?

If you want to follow your opinion then you can found a thousand excuses for that.
If you want to submit to the Deen preferred by Allah (SWT) then there is only one reason - Pleasure of Allah (SWT).
If you prefer that then you accept His slavery.
And who enters his slavery will enter His Jannah.
We perhaps do not have to even say Lord willing because this indeed is the Will if Allah (SWT).