The salafi mujahideen in afghanistan/khorasan are not the same as the salafis in Iraq & elsewhere. In afghanistan, we (hanafis) lead and the salafis follow. When they or anyone else commits a crime, we punish them. Look up the case of the turkish mujahid ABU ZARR, a veteran of chechnya. His crime was killing two rivals over financial disputes after they left his jamaat and was part of another jamaat. He murdered them, so the sharia court of the Waziristan Taliban executed them.

If it were iraq, then the salafis would have sent an entire carbomb to kill their rivals, and there would be no justice afterwards. The salafis were always our allies and noble, but this started changing from around 2007, after the martyrdom of Sheikh Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a veteran of the Afghan-Soviet war. He was the one who established the "media j!had" (online/forums/movies). In his absence, the vacuum was filled by more extreme salafis: Abu Umar al-Baghdadi and Abu Hamza al-Muhajir.

These two, instead of allying with the other jamaats in Iraq, started fighting with them (demanding others give bayah to them). So from here a split occured, since then the US had started to win, because the Sunnis became divided, and many deserted to the "Sahwa" pro-US militias. Compare this to Afghanistan, where numerous jamaat co-exist in harmony: Hezb-e-islam, Taliban, IMU, and even Salafis/AQ. But the biggest impact wasnt what happened inside Iraq, but what happened now that these more-extreme salafis had the "j!hadi media and forums" in their hands. They banned the material/correspondents of all the rival iraqi groups, and since then TAKFIRI ideology was re-born.

This took another twist in 2008, after the Ethiopians pulled out. Instead of Al-Shabaab merging with their former allies, be it Hizbul-Islam of Sheikh Aweys of Sheikh Sharif Ahmed (who went on to join the govt). Shabaab started fighting with their allies; it was no more about "Islam" but now Salafiyya-Islam. The takfiri/sectarian ideology was now started in somalia. and in 2009 after much clashes against Hizbul Islam, they were forced to surrended and give bayah to Al-Shabaab. After that, Shabaab has now resorted to fighting the fake-sufi group "Ahlus Sunna wal jamaa", and this erupted because Shabaab has been going around breaking tombs and mosques. The difference between the wahhabis and the hanafis is that, we show UNITY by doing alliance and co-operation. Whereas the salafi version of UNITY means subduing their rivals or beating a person into giving Bayah.

In 2010, Abu Umar and Abu Hamza were killed in 2010, and a new era in extremism began in Iraq. While the previous two fought with their rivals with the excuse of forming an "islamic state of iraq" (ISI), they showed tolerance towards the christians and minorties. There is a famous case where the soldiers of ISI saved several christian hostages from a criminal gang, and when they wanted to reward them they paid "jizya" as thanks. In 2010, after these two were killed, their replacement were now even more extreme. One of their first major missions was to bomb and raid the Baghdad Church, massacring several innocent people and children.

The logic for this attack was that, it was in response to the crime of the Coptic Church in egypt, who were holding two women who had allegedly converted to Islam. The idiocy of this is that, they bombed a CATHOLIC church in revenge for the crimes of COPTS??... this is the idiocy of these wahhabis. When the Catholic Crusaders invaded Arabia, did Salahuddin kill off our own (orthodox/copts), they were our allies!? This is what deferentiates sufis (ottomans, abbassids) from the salafis. There is ONE synongogue in afghanistan, and the Taliban never touched it!!

What is show is: when extreme deviancy is tolerated, it become more deviant. when extremism is tolerated, it become more extreme. Sheikh Zarqawi an afghan veteran, preached that we should fight the Crusaders & Rawafid, and we should ally with the sunnis and protect the Ahlul-Kitab. After he died, his followers protected the Ahlul-Kitab but they fought the rival sunnis for power/domination. But then when those two died, their followers now respected neither. Total disregard for innocent lives within a church. This is when i formally stopped supporting them.

The same thing is happening in Somalia. Islamic Courts Union was a unity of all muslims or all persuasions. After war started, the salafis saw opportunity and decided become an independant force. After the ethiopians left, Shabaab decided to fight the rivals instead of uniting with them. This just caused the muslims to be divided between multiple factions. And this extremism merely brought back the Ethiopians this time along with AU troops from several other countries. Now shabaab, after having beaten up their only rival (Hizbul Islam), started fighting the fake-sufis. Who themselves have now allied with the AU invaders in response.

Salafis when left on their own, always resort back to extremism/fitnah. ONLY those salafis are reliable whom are veterans of muqallid mujahideen, i mean afghan/pak. Everyone else cannot be trusted. And certainly the AQ factions in middle-east and north-africa are extremist (with blood of innocents on their hands). Which is why their actions bear little to no fruit, they only succeed in brining more enemies not friends. And they persecute sufis left and right, DRIVING them to join the opposite side (kaffirs/invaders). That is why salafis in khorasan are different from elsewhere, because they are innocent of these crimes/fitnah.