Monday, June 25, 2012

Waiting for Years

A brother is waiting for years to get a simple answer.

Question is what is the meaning of Allah (SWT) being on or above or at the throne.

The answer is that the question is wrong. Just like have you stopped beating your wife?

Our own desires, the machinations of our Baser Self, as well as machinations of Satan the cursed combine to push us down from the Straight Path.

Allah (SWT) clearly says that we should not dig any deep at all about Cryptic Verses.
The trick is to hold fast to this dictum.
A single lapse and then things go wrong and wrong.

Our Baser Self tells what is wrong with little bit of inquisitiveness.
Well it is disobedience to Allah (SWT) and Allah (SWT) does not like deviation in the least bit.
That is what is wrong trying to be inquisitive.

Satan, the cursed, tells us that people will call you timid, ignorant and un-smart  if you do not thoroughly investigate this deep problem.
Amongst other things he, the cursed, slipped in a false terminology - the word deep.
The correct word is forbidden. It is forbidden problem. We are not supposed to delve into those matters that Allah (SWT) has forbidden for us.
Only those people indulge in it who have a disease in their hearts.
And those fears of being called timid, ignorant and un-smart are just like the fear of hunger and loss of worldly things that he tries to put in our hearts.
He, the cursed, is a liar and he is an open enemy of ours.
Treat him as such.
There is no power and strength except from Allah (SWT) and we do declare our faith in Allah (SWT) and beloved Prophet (PBUH).
And we seek Allah (SWT)'s refuge from machinations of our Baser Self as well as Satan, the cursed.