Thursday, June 28, 2012

Islam is Legitimate

This assertion is trivial to us Muslims only.
The rest of the world fears to accept this.
May be we are to be blamed for that but that is not the point of this thread.
Let us take up the task of asserting that Islam is indeed legitimate faith and belief, that it is legitimate way of life and that it is a legitimate ideology.
We have to assert this before those individuals, groups, societies, nations and media who either do not accept it or pay mere lip service.
These could be Muslims, unfortunately, but mostly these are non-Muslims.

Personally I feel that this trivial assertion has enormous potential.
And I do feel that this is a just and lawful assertion.

Let us begin with the first step in that direction. Here is a report:

MINIAPOLIS, May 06: The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was pained to know that the majority of Bangladeshis consider America as an anti-Muslim country. A survey conducted by the US embassy in Dhaka revealed this. This was reported by media in America. Bangladesh officially is a secular country.
Now first of all a question.
Does being secular mean that you can not raise questions as a Muslim?
It is clear that the reporter is very cautious to state the plain truth.
And once stated, or as it came out in a poll, the truth did rattle Hillary Rodham Clinton.