Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This is My Garden, My Garden

Kya Tujh Ko Pata Kya Tujh Ko Khabar, Din Raat Khayalon Mein Apne
Eh Kaakul-e-Gaity Hum Tujh Ko Kis Tarah Sanwaara Karte Hain

How would you know, how would you perceive that in our thoughts, day and night
Oh the beauteous curls of World, how indulgently we were busy arranging you

This is by one of the illustrious products of Aligarh - Muin Ahsan Jazbi.
He did not leave too much of work behind him but he did live a long life after writing some early good poems.

Man is not supposed to get attached to this world. And that has to be earnestly kept in mind.
And that is the solution for the problem that pops up because of above couplet.

A poet may raise a problem but he can legitimately shy away from a solution. That is what late Jazbi Sahab has done in above couplet.

And now let us come to our Gaity=World. It is called AMU.

When we delicately arrange its curls then it does also mean that those who try to destroy that order and create chaos will not be appreciated by our hearts.

Is that too difficult to understand? If not then why do we not show our dislike and displeasure over the actions of those movers and shakers who, like Kardashian sisters, famous for being famous in our circle.

AMU is an academic institution and academics should be the highest priority here even if we decide to solve a million Ummah problems at the periphery.

It means that our leaders and heros should not be those people who have little to show on academic front - even if they are quite nimble at political maneuvering.

And this is one of the tragedies around us. Too many heros without academic credentials.

And please do not tell us that academics and solving problems of Ummah can not be managed simultaneously. Professor Irfan Habib will be presented to you as a counter example.

And no it is not an invitation to line up behind him. Ummah is defined by Islam and Marxism is not part of Islam.

So have a good look around and try to identify those who are famous for being famous. Just like the Muslim faces in Congress over a period that extends for more than half a century and a decade.

A leader or a hero is not a leader or a hero if his personal career is the only thing that he manages to take care of.

And if some one comes to you with the evidence that he is a hero because he chased Dr P.K.Abdul Azis away from the campus then just have a good look at this person. He is not a hero for Dr Azis was no giant.