Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vice Chancellor is not Like Chairman

In last few years it has been reported that many people have refused to accept the Chairmanship of their Department when their turn came up.

This is strange for an institution where the private conversation, in its essentialist from, goes like this:
Our Protagonist (OP): Sir make me the PVC.
High Officer (HO): I do not need a PVC.
OP: Sir make me DSW.
HO: I am fine with my present DSW.
OP: Sir make me the Proctor.
HO: The Proctor is doing a wonderful job.
OP: Sir make me a Provost.
HO: I'll think about it. I'll let you know.

Now why are people refusing Chairmanship?
Well the reason is the right to information act.
There are some people who have adopted the use of this act in a big way and have brought down many a heavy weight in the field of morale.

Now combine this information with the tough time Alig's are capable of giving to the Vice Chancellor once, those who can and who could, people have made the best of his presence. Any detached viewer would conclude that this job is not a very desirable one. It is more of a punishment. In view of this one would be safe to conclude that any well meaning person would like to keep himself away from this assignment. But surprises are there for everybody. Earlier one used to listen about a few names for this post but this time a Hindi newspaper published two columns in a report-just listing the probable names. Of course many of them will be without the consent of the person concerned. But this can not be true for all and one gets the chilly feeling that there are people who are not perturbed by the current environment around that lofty post and would like to avail it for themselves. Hope whole of this evaluation on part of your poor Alig is just plain wrong.