Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wake Up India!

When a machine does not function properly a mechanic is called.
It is a mighty headache to go through that process.
But mostly it is a matter of taking pain to get the things fixed up and in most cases you hope to fix the machine.

When an individual adopts the wrong path then the situation is much more worrisome.
But sometimes there is hope.
That should scare us already.
If you can say that there is always hope then it will be a good thing only.
But there are too many examples where it becomes a one way ticket to doom.
To drive the point home would you like to give girl from your family in marriage to a former criminal?Former alcoholic? Former drug addict? Former drug trafficker? Former thief? Former robber?
You see-it is not so simple.
When a person falls into sins then with some hard work some People of Allah might agree to help him.
But the problem nevertheless is much more difficult as compared to the machine going wrong.

What about society going wrong?
That is a disaster of another level.
Even the mightiest powers of the day surrender before such stupendous task of reforming a society.There is no government in Somalia for 19 years. USA is there. Europe is there. But they have not been able to do anything.
Even for people of Allah this task is of gigantic proportions.

India is heading in that direction. Delhi just celebrated No Shame Day on last Sunday.

See the report here.

Now please do not assume that this is a cloud that will not rain in your house or your court yard. Do so at your own risk.