Friday, August 12, 2011

What is Convertitis?

Islam is submission of your will to the Will of Allah Most High.
Man finds excuse for not doing that.
Energy of youth might lead one astray-he might think that I can do so many things on my own so why should I submit myself to anybody-Allah(SWT) included, may Allah(SWT) forgive us for saying so.
This leads to rebel of youth. This usually comes in control with aging.
Then there is rebellion caused by wealth. Think of the example of Qaroon. He thought that his wealth is not a Mercy from Allah(SWT) but he earned it using his own expertise. He had a terrible end that continues till today.
Then there is the power of intellect.
This too is a blessing of Allah Most High and this too should be submitted to His Will.
Some people do not do that.
They do not submit their intellect to the Will of Allah Most High.
They want to decide themselves as to what is Islam.
Modern educated Muslims are falling into this en masse.
Verily very few people take heed-Allah(SWT) has told us.
This is what we face in present times. People not submitting their intellect to the Will of Allah(SWT).
There is another group of people who face the same problem-the new converts to Islam.
Particularly the western educated converts.
These are the people with high intellectual abilities.
Why should I follow this Imam or that Imam I'll follow Muhammed (PBUH).
They also feel that Islam should be a cut and dried product specimen coming in a box with Do-It-Yourself instructions. It should suit their requirements.
This later thing is termed convertitis.

Source : Sunni Forum