Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Unbiased Blog

Islam in Europe has a rather strict comment policy-no messing up around these corners is the official message.
And, of course, there you get to read the most pungent comments about Islam and Muslims. Take the following example:
Commies (both open and secret) are out to use the Muslims and their barbaric shari'a, Qu'rân et al as their allies to destroy what they see as their enemy: Western civilisation, democracy, values, government and everything else!!!
A simple assessment will lead us to conclude that:
(1) Muslims are fools for they are mere tools in hands of commies (that is communists for you).
(2) Shari'ah is barbaric.
(3) Muslims see western civilization as their enemies.
(3) Muslims see democracy as their enemy.
(4) Muslims see western values as their enemy.
(5) Muslims see western governments as their enemies.
(6) Muslims see everything western as their enemy.

Above statement is a rich one in its content and a forthright one. Normally our western brothers are experts in harming you but presenting the fact as a beneficial act to you. Thus more accurate statement will be that Muslims find west duplicitous to a very large extent. Another accurate statement that can be said about the current state of affairs is that in spite of western affluence, technological prowess, military might Muslims are no more overwhelmed and over awed.

And this is the rub. Nothing else.

One of our western observers said that the most irritating thing for a professional gambler is that you heartily enjoy when he wins and you have lost. He just can not take it. A pertinent observation-though not verifiable by a Muslim. But the equivalent statement in the present context, the rub mentioned above, is for us all to see.
West is in its most irritated state in the present times.
And it is not because of Japan's expertise in electronics.
Nor India's overall technological prowess.
Nor China's cheapy cheap production.
It is Islam and Muslims.
No, no it is not about Jihad.
This is the red herring and tool of a frustrated failing empire.
USA wrestled the superior power status from Britain in Second World War.
Till now they were thinking that it will last forever.
Now the thinking is different.
They are now hoping that it will last for ever. The two things are widely different.
And if someone notices that it is not an obvious thing that while talking about west one should start talking about USA one has to think again. If USA and European Union are singing together, hand in hand, then why is their a European Union at all? No one has forgotten that it was created so as not to get overwhelmed by the USA.
Funny west.
It is not alright for Europe to get overwhelmed by the USA but it is alright to overwhelm everybody else.
It is alright is Japan is overwhelmed. (They could not do it.)
It is alright if India is overwhelmed. (Not possible any more.)
It is alright if China is overwhelmed. (Mark the words-soon they'll not have the courage to even dream of it. They are already in serious doubt about overwhelming China.)
And finally overwhelming Muslims and Islam seems to be the most kosher of all kosher thoughts.

Coming back to the comments on the blog in question.
The proper description for these comments will be provided by an Indian proverb. Literally it says that
an embarrassed cat scratches a pole.

This is what our western friends are doing. 

But the matter of fact is that the paws of this embarrassed cat have enough scratching power. One should sum up all the cajoling power at one's disposal to placate this unruly mammoth called the west. Here is one take.

(1) Dear west you very often keep saying that if you want to follow Shariah then go back home-where you came from. If you think about the situation then the least it means that there is no hostile take over bid by Islam and the Muslims. If there was one then your response perhaps would have been that you'll defeat this bid. But this is not your response. If you give a simple thought to it the situation is that you are denying fundamental human rights to your Muslim citizens. So much for your love for freedom , so much for your civilization and so much fore your values-liberal or human.

(2) Muslims and Islam do not see western civilization as their enemy. The Muslim position is rather clear-to you your path, to us ours. Is this too much to ask for? And please do not forget that somebody said that western civilization will be a good idea. A serious point to ponder-there are grave indication in your part of the world to take heed.

(3) Muslims can not be anti-democracy for the simple reason that the period of Islam that is considered ideal, the period of rightly guided caliphs, has massive amount of republican character. And, if we have not said it earlier, that was long before the western dark ages-not to talk of the age of European enlightenment. And the holocaust did not happen in Muslim Rule. Your pet puppy is fraught with too many instabilities. As someone remarked that it took a Birla to maintain a Gandhi the same can be said about democracy. It would have been best that in matters of democracy also west would have taken off from where Muslims had left just like west did in the case of sciences.

(4) Islamic values are not completely the same as western values. You have to accept that. And it is an Islamic rule not to force your values under unwilling party's throat. It is in Qur'an. West, on its part, has been doing that. And then blaming others. How and when will you realize that the pot is calling the kettle black?

(5) Suppose a party employs unmanned machines to kill the people from another party then you'll assume that the first party is considering the second party as its enemy (or worse a fair game). Now look around whether western governments are thinking that Muslims are their enemy or is it the other way round.

And truth shall ultimately prevail.
And falsehood is verily destined to parish.
So what about getting connected with truth?