Yep, nobody wants to talk about it. Then again nobody ever talked Syria either. Quite a few years ago, i was pointing out how so many countries are effectively run by shia (Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon). It took some time before finally someone figured it out in Syria atleast.... As for Pakistan, dont get me started. I've made some posts on its politics before. Don't know if its deleted or not, i tend to pop around here only once in a while. Make some rather controversial comments. Dont care whether people believe them or not. But if they do exist, check it out.

Yes, Zaradari is a Shia. His wife Benazir Bhutto was a shia, and this is well-known. Try googling and you're bound to find a photo of her as well, wearing a "Ya Ali" arm-band. Her mother was a Shia from Iran.

Pakistan was a creation of a cabal of miscreants no worse than the Zionists who bastardized Judaism for their own political agendas. Just look up the history of Pakistan and all its players (their backgrounds). It was founded under the guise of religious nationalism, used to stir sectarian and emotional strife. Yet, those very leaders had no regard for the Islamic religion whatsoever. Just like the Zionist founders, who were pretty much secularists and atheists. No wonder Pakistan, just like Israel is an apartheid state. A country literally divided into 2, its people kicked out of their own homes. What does Islam say; if any Kuffar infringes upon your land, Jihad becomes Farz against them. And here, Pakistani engineers and their British collaborators, stripped millions of people of their homes/land and forced them to emigrate to the opposing side of the "border" (which they just created). Millions of Muslims forced out of their land in Hindustan, and not to mention the millions of Sikhs and Hindus kicked out of their land in Pakistan. Several thousands were killed in the process, and hundreds of millions affected. So when people bring up the tragedy of Kashmir. I point out the inherent tragedy and comedy (read irony), that Kashmir is "an apartheid within an apartheid".

The founder of the "Muslim League": Agha Khan III. He was an Ismaili Shia, and the Imam of the Ismaili shia cult. He was a total puppet of the UK, an adviser to their government, and even received the privilege of being President of the League of Nations (which itself was a globalist attempt that failed).

One of Jinnah's closest political compatriots, Ghulam Ahmed Parvez. He was a Quranist; rejected the authority of hadith. A staunch "Islamic socialist", his real agenda was to undermine Islam, as is the purpose of all "Islamic socialists" who in reality are just cultural-marxists (who try to undermine traditional society from within). Another comrade was Muhammad Iqbal, who was another stooge educated in Britain and Germany. Together they published a series of newspapers and magazines, all with the aim of systematically conditioning the masses for the coming Pakistani Project, as well as deviating the Muslims from the straight path of 'Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah'.

Guess who was the first President of Pakistan? Iskander Mirza, another Shia! And who is Iskander Mirza exactly? Aside from being another British educated stooge, he was the grandson of Mir Jafar. Mir Jafar was the Shia "Nawab" who assumed the role of puppet collaborator after helping the British take the throne away from Sirajuddin Daulah, the Nawab of Bengal who put the last real stand of Muslim defence against the British. Once again a Shia (Mir Jafar) betrays the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah, and its HIS great-grandon that becomes the First President of Pakistan. It should be pretty clear to anybody right now, who runs Pakistan and why it was created. But alas, they didnt.

And we come back to Jinnah. He was born in an Ismaili family, then converted to Ithna-Ashari shia'ism (but still hung around with the Imam/Pope of Ismailis, Aga Khan, which is rather odd/suspicious?). Actually, it is worth questioning; since Agha Khan's own mother was a Twelver Shia, its not hard to imagine another Ismaili-Twelver combo. Some, including some of the mods in this forum, allege that Jinnah DID convert later in his life to Sunnism..... I dont know about that, but neither can i deny that; only Allah (swt) and Jinnah himself knows about that. What i do know, is that its completely irrelevant. Aside from the fact that he was a staunch secularist and admirer of Kemal Ataturk, the guy was a Rafidhi and hundreds of millions of Muslims followed his tune like he was the Pied Piper! He was never for Islam, and instead he brought misery, loss of land/property, and social-engineering.

The Pakistani Project was completely against Islam. It was a systematic attempt/conspiracy to divide the Muslims of Hind into three parts. The fact that their "two-nation theory" was divided into 3 land masses, itself shows just how much of a failure (or cunning success?) that it was. The whole partition and the willingness of millions to go along with it, comes down to simply "demagoguery". The idea of having your own "homeland", a perfect utopia, hating the 'other[s]', is nothing short of the appeal to people's emotions. All sectarian and genocidal violence inherently is a manipulation of emotions and people's lack of critical thought/judgment.

What the Pakistani Project really was, was the SYSTEMATIC attempt to not just divide Muslims from one another (and weaken them) but also two divide the BODY of the Muslims from the HEAD. That is, separate the masses from the Ulema, because the centers of Islamic learning were all in "Hindustan/India", be it Deoband or be it Bareli. This single fact alone, completely undermines the facade of Pakistani "Islamic/Muslim" nationalism..... And the idea that just because Muslims were a MINORITY that they should just "run away" from the "scary Hindus", is another aspect of the conditioning that the Pakizionists and their British masters indoctrinated the Muslims with. When the Mamelukes ran the Sultanates across Hind, they were minorties. When Hazrat Umar (RA) conquered the middle-east, they were minorities. When the Ummayyads came to power, they were minorities. When the Muslims conquered Spain, they were minorities. Every major Empire that the muslims controlled, we were minorities. Had Muslims remain undivided, we would surely rule Indian regardless of whether we're minority or majority. And the millions of dalits today, who convert to Christianity and Maoism, they would be Muslims and freed from the shackles of Indian "caste system"!

Jinnah's entire entourage and all the members of the "Pakistan Movement" cabal were secularists, and full of shias, quranists, ahmediyyas, and anti-islamic "muslims". Just look up any of the big names, Liaquat Ali Khan, who was also the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, was another stooge educated in Britain and went to Oxford. Choudhry Rahmat Ali, wrote the "Pakistan Declaration", went to Cambridge. Muhammad Zafarullah Khan, one of the architects behind the "Pakistan Resolution" and also studied in Britain, was an Ahmediyya!! Qadianis have been hated and considered heretics ever since the very beginning, the fact that one of them would be such a power player within the Pakizionist and "Muslim League" cabal (and the members were fine with it), just further proves the point of the innate conspiratorial nature of the people involved who ran it. And that Qadiani went on to become Pakistan's "Foreign Affairs Minister".

Several of the people I've mentioned so far, they've received Knights and Orders from the British monarchy. Jinnah too was practically raised in Britain. And these are supposed to be the fathers of the Pakistani "independence" movement? This is an independence, when every single person driving this lifeless vehicle is a British educated stooge, and heretics of all stripes?!

And what happened after the independence; just a continuation of the same policies and examples. The country is led by shias; first Jinnah, then Iskander Mirza, then Bhutto (married to a shia), then Yahya Khan. When the East-Pakistanis won the Parliament and were set to becoming the new leadership. Bhutto and Yahya Khan steps in and denies them their role. Instead, wages war upon the Bengali people! Anywhere from 1 million to 3 million killed (likely the former). And both those shia dogs killed millions of Sunnis from both sides, which was in actuality the same side since they were the same country. The tyranny naturally led to liberation and independence, and the ticking time-bomb that the cabal had set - when they first conspired the seeds of unrest in the inherent birth of Pakistan - went off and continued to go off, and even till this day!

And they still didnt learn their lesson. Immediately afterwards, a joint-operation with Iran was launched in Baloch to attempt to genocide their people this time! The politics of Pakistan has been nothing but religious, ethnic, sectarian antagonism. The bengali, balochi, and pashtun people were systematically marginalized and alienated. This led to Bangladesh becoming an independent country, and Balochistan aspiring to do the same, and the Pashtuns have become Mujahideen. The history of the pakizionist cabal, has been of using desperate minorities to do their bidding; arming the kashmiris, arming the pashtuns, but lateron betraying them. The biggest tragedy of the Muslim Ummah, things that weakened the Muslims as a group and a collective: (1) The partition of India and the creation of Pakistan, (2) The secession of Saudia from the Ottoman Empire, and (3) The partition of Palestine and the creation of Israel.

Unfortunately, Muslims continue to be manipulated by emotionalism, demagoguery, misdirected-sectarianism (where they let their guard down to one threat cuz they're busy concentrating on another), and just general collectivism and social-engineering. May Allah open the hearts and minds of the masses, for their know not their own lack of judgment and intelligence.