Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Defiance of Taliban

Rebecca Kesby of BBC would like us to believe that Pakistanis are taking up skiing in Swat valley in defiance of Taliban.

Very conservative statement - from western perspective.
Taliban is the villain and the West is the saviour.
The trouble with Goebbelsian philosophy is that whether your intended target believes in your lie or not you yourself are more likely to believe it.
And hence you are at the risk of getting disconnected with reality.
And that is the matter of fact.
The west today is by and large cut off from ground reality.
And what is the reality?
Well Muslims today might be in a state of daze because of western affluence and too many of our people might be drooling at the western life styles but the reality is that overall flow of people is not in that direction. You find more and more inclination to keep a grip on religion, not to leave it.
That was part one of reality.
Part two consists of the fact that western physical power, including media, money and diplomacy, is no more the same as they are assuming. Because of economic down turn they do not have the same nimbleness in their maneuverability.

So Defiance of Taliban is a straw man argument. Sport is decidedly an Islamic activity - even if too many of modern sports would not pass muster in an Islamic assessment skiing is something that Islam should not frown upon.

I suppose Muslims should be asserting more against such self-serving western propositions. We have our own way of life and we should be courageous enough to defend it.