Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Humanity Nearly Lost in America

Humanity Nearly Lost in America

We are talking about the brutal killing of one Travis Alexander in June 2008.

The killer was immediately pin pointed to be an estranged girl friend - a beauty of sorts.
And a psychopath.
And her personality unfolded in front of everyone in real time.

She finished, with utmost hideous pleasure, a man much stronger than her in two minutes.
First stabbed right into heart and then stabbed repeatedly while in the confines of a shower.
He manged to wrestle out to his bedroom and vomited blood into wash basin there.
Saw himself in the mirror dying. His killer stabbing him in the back now.
And he saw her too in the mirror view - the woman who had sex with him twice just little while ago, his last intimacy.

And then he goes limp, life seeping out and dignity seeped out. She drags him in the alley and slits his throat.
Throat slitting by laceration. Like when a rope is not cut you make many gushes.
His throat is slit from ear to ear. Near decapitation.

She dumps him back in the shower, to rot till body was discovered five days later.
But her pleasure was not over. She shoots him in the forehead.

And till seconds before her attack she was taking pictures of him taking a shower.

And then took measures to obliterate her trail.
Earlier she planned the murder meticulously.

And when she was suspected within minutes of the discovery of the body of Mr Alexander she feigned ignorance.

And then she started telling a series of white lies.

But even that does not take the cake. Withing twenty four hours of a most heinous killing she was on top of her current boy friend in a frenzy of passion. A macabre celebration.

Police detective might have been surprised by her blase atitude but was not fooled even for a moment.

He did what detectives do. He gave her the shortest route - why don't you admit that you did it.

And then the modern civilized stupidity comes into play.

Since the killer could not afford her legal defense she was given luxury defense at the cost of the people of Arizona where the crime was committed.

And with this started a grotesque carnival - the killer being the queen of the show.
US media was mesmerized by the charm, charisma and in your face elan of the killer.
She did not behave, even for a moment, that she was booked for a crime but conducted herself like a celebrity, enjoying every moment a savouring.

And the media forgot the operative clause that she is a cold blooded killer lacking any remorse or even responsibility for her actions.

Like the police detective the prosecutor too turned out to be a consummate professional.
The defense lawyers, though no match to the prosecutor in capabilities, stooped to unthinkable depths to save the life of an animal of a killer who deserves no more moments on this earth by any stretch of imagination. Except the American imagination where some people get choked with emotions with the hideous philosophy that we do not have any right to take another life. A rule strangely not applied to the killers themselves - they are free to take any life.

In the trial, that was a trial for all, the Judge, the Jury, the public, the prosecutor but the defendant.

The defendant enjoyed every moment of the lime light she got.
Her conduct was so smooth, charming and exquisite that too many people got fooled into thinking that she is a unconscionable and ruthless killer.

And at too many moments in the trial your heart skipped beats. A trial that was watched by nearly all in the US and all over the world.

Killer herself spent 18 days on the witness stand mouthing most eloquent lies, simultaneously behaving as if she is a desired woman for all. A trial that lasted five months and finally ended in mistrial at the sentencing phase!

Apart from a buxom lady to render support or whatever the killer had an elegant and buxom defense counselor and another very towering man with a shining shaved head for a defense counselor. He would later on complain about his hair style being mocked at, one wonders by whom?

The beauteous defense counselor asserted that the killer was a dirty little secret of the victim.
Ludicrous character assassination in a country where morality is so lax that it might be the porn capital of the world. And the lady counselor also helped herself by claiming to have received death threats.
The male counselor did manage to keep a visible distance from the unashamed killer and even claimed that he did not like the killer nine days out of ten but he buckled under the manipulation of his client, if not her charms. He pulled many stops where he was not obliged to. And when his client went out of control he did not put the blame where it belonged, his client, he blamed it on the court - Judge Stephens Sherry.
He asserted that his client was not getting a fair trial in her court.

That was not like a man Mr Kurt Nurmi. Your client took you for a ride.
Judge Sherry erred on the side of leniency  towards your client and you and your co-counselor.

And then there are too many people making noises about prosecutor's style being aggressive.
He did his job and there are not many people who can manage that in the situation under consideration.
If he punctured a few wholes in the armour of evil then he has our gratitude. His detractors be damned.
When truth, humanity and  decency are under serious threat it is time to side with them. Any attempt at keeping an equal distance is proactive act of defiance of what is right and sacred.

One felt that humanity was about to loose when a psychologist called Robert Samuels testified that the defendant suffers from post traumatic distress syndrome, PTSD. Luckily prosecutor made an easy meal of him because of his incompetence as well as unprofessional tenderness towards a person whom he was supposed to assess as a trained trained psychological evaluator.

Even jurors were not fooled by him.  The flimsy causes he enumerated for triggering PTSD persuaded one juror to ask whether PTSD can be caused by a bad hair cut. Unfortunately this juror was removed from his task because of driving under influence. That he later on worried publicly that he might have let the society down says a lot about the impact of the case on jurors.

And then came another psychologist Alyce LaViolette to testify that the killer was a victim of domestic violence. Yes we got it right. Killer as the victim, not the victim as the victim. From her appearance one got the impression that prosecutor will make a minced meat of her but she turned out to be wolf in sheep's clothing. Though not a sociopath in her own right but she was as suave and soft spoken as the killer and though not as diva like as the killer she was as adamant on her theory as the killer. It became clear that she is not merely a feminist but a man hater.

It was not long before public glued to their television and internet was awaken from their slumbers. The prosecutor had not managed to demolish her but had put her reality in the open for all to see and be disgusted. Soon there was cyber angst against her and her re-released book on domestic violence was trashed in very thorough manner - no one was willing to go into the contents given the predilections of the author. By hating man she ended hurting the cause she was supposedly espousing - helping women victims of domestic violence.

American psychology community decades ago succumbed to the political high handedness of homosexual community to grant them those rights that defy common sense. In the present case also they meekly tried to side with their errant co-professional and once again they lost - this time to indignant public who could not be fooled by the academic veneer of a lady who is actually a shame to her profession.