Friday, August 10, 2012

Where Was the Trust, to Begin With?

A BBC report:
Three US soldiers have been killed and one injured by a gunman wearing uniform in Helmand province, Nato has said.
This is supposed to be a green on blue attack. This is the sophistry invented by the ever ingenuous US/NATO forces in the context of Afghanistan war on Muslims called the war on terror. It signifies Afghan soldiers killing US/NATO troops. In 2012 there have been nearly one attack per week of this nature. BBC further comments:
The attacks have led to a serious erosion of trust between Nato and Afghan forces.
This statement is not correct. For many years US/NATO has been taking actions vis-a-vis Muslims and Islam that have no support or approval in the Muslim world. To talk of erosion of trust is technically the correct term. Before erosion the trust must have been present from the beginning. Yo force your way into Afghanistan. You prop up a puppet government. You wage a war against the people and then you, one fine, morning, start talking of erosion of trust. Such argument is not even self-serving - it only betrays delusion.