Sunday, August 12, 2012

Timothy Winters Wont Leave Me

Those who know Abdul Hakim Murad (formerly Timothy J Winters) would know that.
They would know that he wont leave me.
No, no he is not stalking me physically.
It is all in the mind.
Yours truly tried to grapple with first installment of  his Contentions.
And the experience was not satisfactory.
So yours truly thought that it was the end of the affair.
This was sad because others had expressed rather high opinion about him.
And yours truly concurred and still concurs but the decision was to turn my affections to other directions.
But then I am watching this video.
And the matter of fact is that he is pulling me back.
I'll make a forecast - may Allah (SWT) forgive me for that.
This is not a forecast in the sense of predicting the future.
It is forecast in the sense of expectation - and expectations are prone to be belied.
The forecast is that he will be made a Lord one day.
I am paying tribute to his sobriety.
In the mean while, as the title alludes to, yours truly has to spend more time on him.
Yours truly's main complain against him was the cryptic nature of his discourse.
Needless to say that it is not reflection on either his sincerity or authenticity.
Yours truly has no reason to doubt the former and knows too little about the latter to say anything.
But one thing is sure - if Shaikh Murad is cryptic then the natural thing will be to decode him for the laity.
If you can, that is.
Some one has to try and if that some one is yours truly then so be it - there is nothing better in this world than the Wish of Allah (SWT) and that is what yours truly is considering the present situation to be
More than one person has complained about uncomprehending posts by yours truly.
In a sense present exercise, to grapple more with Shaikh AH Murad's ideas and thoughts, will be a Kaffarah for my own sins. And for those of you who came late a Kaffarah is a sort of fine except it is in the sense of obedience rather than punishment.