Friday, August 24, 2012

Transcript of a Maulana Salman Hussaini Nadwi Video

Respected scholars I have a pain in my heart. I feel that when we sit in a conference, seminar or a gathering then formalities and traditionalism does not leave us, we are so caught in them that we can break lose, we want that when we study Islam then we draw ourselves into a secluded corner and have self assessment. Do have a self assessment, individually, but we also have to assess whole of humanity, of the world. World is in front of us and the Prophet (PBUH) we are talking about, his word can not be uttered without universality and global relevance. His tast starts with the fact that he (PBUH) is Mercy to all worlds. He (PBUH) is Rasool to whole humanity. Allah (SWT) asked him to say that he (PBUH) is Rasool to you all people. And the educational system that he (PBUH) brought, was it for the purpose that a few scholars will be prepared to decorate our pulpits and high pedestals? Sermonizing on Seerah, delivering the duties of Imams and Friday Sermons. Abu Bkar, Umar, Usman, Ali, Khalid Ibn Walid, Amr Ibn Al-Aas, Saad Ibn-e-Abi Waqqas, Abdullah Ibn Mas'aood, Zaid Ibn Thabit and you keep reciting names, were they prepared only to the effect that our pulpits, our high pedestals, the boundaries of our monasteries some Rabbanis and people of Allah are produced? Was this the purpose? The Lord Who said while dispatching him that We have sent you as a Rasool for guidance and the True Religion so that the religion is divulged to all in its complete form and only polytheists despise it. Lord who made this purpose so clear will He (SWT) be agreeable to this that we resort to patch work (implementation of Deen). Will He (SWT) be agreeable to this that whole of the world runs on another law (other than Shariah), that there be secular rule on every square inch of Pakistan? That Islamic world is run by secular system begged from Britain and America, people spend life licking the spit Europe? Ignoring the system of Tauheed implemented by Islam that had shaken up the Roman and Persian Empires? And displayed that right of the honourable Prophet (PBUH) can not be delivered by making people slaves? Riba'i Ibn Aamir (RA) is a less prominent Companion but he, while representing the Prophet (PBUH) in the court of Rustam had the guts to say that we have come to implement a just rule, we have been sent to release people from atrocities, to change people from living according to people's wish to live according to the Wish of One God, to take people from the contraints of this world to the expanses of hereafter, from in justice of religions to justice of Islam, I shall release people from injustice and exploitation, release people from traps of human beings, I'll not play games with people's minds. God who created man Himself said that "Recite in the name of that Lord who created". Here the Creator attribute has been chosen because of the reason that it has not been stated as to what has to be recited but only hinted - read every creation of the Creator! His Signs are there in leaves, in drops of water, in waves of air, in trees, particles, in planets, in galaxies, in stars, in flower petals and in your own self and will you then not see it? His Signs are there in your mind and brain, in your crevices, in every fiber and hair. He (SWT) says that He (SWT) will show His Signs in skies and in their selves. The system that was released that should have been implemented from the shores of Japan to the shores of American, from Kavkaz to the shores of South Africa. We defaulted on that. We stopped trying after getting out of Spain. We forgot Ibn Khaldoon, Shatibi, Shah Waliullah, Mujaddid-e-Alf-e-Thani, Ibn Taimiyyah, Ibn Qayyim, Al-Jauzi, Zahrabi, Al-Kindi, Al-Farabi, Ibn Sina and our philosophy. The result is that we reduced to go from door to door begging for a system of life. We beg for educational system and confined in a small circle we imagine that yes these are the scholars who are the inheritors of beloved Prophet (PBUH), who have not the law, the politics, the economy, business, civics, culture in their repertoire who are on the margins, who are looked upon as miserable, who are prone to be blamed. Whose task was to adorn the mantle of Abu Bakr Siddique, Umar Farooq, Usman bin Affan and Ali (RAs) and later on Mu'awiya and Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz (RAs), whose task was to have control of the temporal affairs. Did it ever happen in 12 or 13 centuries that there were two educational systems in our rule? Two legal systems? Two political systems? Give us any example, from Abbasid period, from Mughal period. May Allah (SWT) raise the stature of Maulana Manazir Ahsan Gilani (RA) that he clarified in Indian Education System that there used to be a universal education system that has been hijacked by the enemy looters and threw us in to a state of turmoil. I shall finish with this last point that Hazrat Maulana Qasim Nanotwi (RA), when we had got the defeat in the battle field, that now let us try to protect whatever little treasure we have, for we had no institutions under our control. For example at our place Muslim Personal Law Board was established in 1972 when the matters that were related to our family life were preyed upon. That is when scholars proposed that there should be a board for the protection of our domestic law. Now think about it - just because in the state of turmoil we resort to protection of our internal law does it mean that we should just forget the vastness of our past system of ( rule). Should we be satisfied with that only? The matter of truth is that the system that is implemented in the Madarsas at present is a small part of the past big circle. A mere patch of cloth. Merely a piece of food. It has no value beyond that. To insist that this is sufficient and to maintain the status quo is undue attachment to past. This is a trap on tradition that has completely caught the people. Till it is broken and the system of Nabi (PBUH) era is brought back so that those people are again produced who had the complete way of life in their hands and there was no need to beg for a system of life from any one nor of patch work. I fear this Verse, with which I shall conclude my presentation, that in present our condition is like this that Jews and Christians had in Prophet (PBUH)'s times and later that you silly got satisfied with a few buds (otherwise the garden had the solution to the problem of small container). I fear that if we limit ourselves to the same extent as they did then the way Allah (SWT) told them then we too will be addressed in the same way and the lightening will shine sending our system upside down, we can see that Muslim countries are being humiliated in the world, and the reason for their humiliation is that they used Shariah for mere patchwork and merely for show and trick, they were not sincere about implementing Shariah, nor sincere to Allah (SWT) and Prophet (PBUH) nor to general public or the nobility, nor any and every part of this Deen-al-Mateen. May Allah (SWT) provide us that sincerity once again and the determination of our direction keeping the Prophetic times in front of us.

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