Monday, February 28, 2011

World View

At the conceptual level the problem of life is rather simple.
We have to use the resources provided by Lord Most High according to His injunctions.
Its practical implementation is the part where we falter.
By the Grace of Lord Most High, in matters of practical implementation, we are not responsible beyond our capacity.
In modern times this implementation has slightly higher level of difficulty because we live in those societies where Injunctions of Lord are implemented in their disobedience.
To act upon them is considered infradig.
There are, thus, fault lines between requirements of purpose of life and the actual practical conditions.
Most drastic fault line is at the scientific frontier.
Then there is a fault line at the financial frontier.
There there are fault lines at sociological frontier.
Sir Syed tried, mainly, to address the first and the last.
That task is still incomplete.
On the second frontier, in present times, one of the prominent names is that of Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab (DB).