Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Difficult Task

It is a difficult task when you take on a person that goes by the name of Albert Einstein. That is what Sir Shah Sulaiman (February 3, 1886 – March 12, 1941) did. There were several papers in which he made quantitative predictions that differ from results obtained by Einstein. Many people have tried to find loopholes in Einstein's theory but with no success. In case of Sir Shah's assertion too peer support went in favour of Einstein. For example there is a  letter in the journal Current Science in which Zahur Husain of Gurgaon, then in Punjab, finds problems in the arguments given by Sir Shah Sulaiman. This is published in November 1940 (Number 11) of the said journal. Few months later Sir Shah Sulaiman was no more. American humorist Robert Benchley had his take on Sir Shah assertion. Enjoy it here.

Above mentioned letter by Zahur Husain is spread from page 502 to 503 of the journal. After this letter there is an even shorter letter titled A New Comet Tail Band. This is by R.K.Asundi written on October 30, 1940 from Benaras Hindu University. Asundi had moved to BHU from AMU.