Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thank You, My Benefactor

There is a couplet by Dr Nawaz Deobandi:

Uska Kitna Bojh Utara, Dar Par Aakar Sa-il Ne
Aur Sakhi Ye Soch Raha Hai, Sa-il Par Ahsan Kiya

Uska = His
Kitna = How Much
Bojh = Burden
Utara= Relieved
Dar = Door
Par = At
Aakar = After Arriving
Sa-il = The One Who Asks ( For Money or Help)
Ne = By

Aur = And
Sakhi = Rich Person
Ye = This
Soch + Think
Raha Hai = Doing (Present Continuous)
Ahsan = Favour
Kiya = Done

The Pleader (beggar) Relived Him By Visiting
The Provider Thinks He Did a Favour

If a person comes for help then he is doing you a favour.
Never think that you are doing a favour by giving a rupee, or ten, or hundred or thousand.

After doing a little bit of Sadqa ( charity) above feeling visited yours truly in a rather acute manner.