Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunni Forum Affairs

(1) Sunni Forum was down for weeks.

(2) It is now up.

(3) Its character is drastically changed.

(4) So far it has been a discussion forum with massive participation.

(5) The total number of registered users exceeds fifty thousand.

(6) The number of active users has been more than two thousand for last few years.

(7) At a given time several hundred users would be on line.

(8) Every month there will be a time when number of users on line would cross one thousand.

(9) According to Maulana Hamood Aleem the new push of the forum will be to strive to become a comprehensive web portal for authentic Islamic knowledge.

(10) As a result the forum activity has nearly come to a stand still. Yours truly misses that. But yours truly goes with the decision of the Shura power meeting.

(11) Yours truly is feeling a sense of release because no more one has to deal with a variety of  people trying define Islam at their own terms.