Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Malala Malady

Malala Yusufzai addressed the UN on her 16th birthday.
No small achievement.
Like Malala Yusufzai yours truly too is in education market.
And yours truly regularly teaches the female students.
And it is not home science.

Malala is a sickness, a malady and not a remedy.
Those who are using her are detractors of both Islam and Muslims.

The nauseating cooperation between the communist father and the Islamophobic west is a spectre in itself.
West, with US being the representative, tried all to stomp out communism.
But now that same is working against Islam they pay no attention to that ideology.

And hence the opportunity to speak at the UN.
The League of nations crumbled because of the same shameless utilization of that organization.
UN should follow suit - it is a lackey in the hands of western powers.
Islam and Muslims have nothing to gain from it.

If UN portrays Muslims as against female education using Malala as a mascot then it only makes her a malady. The Noble Qur'an explicitly asserts females education mandatory.

But Islam also envisages different roles for male and female members of the society.
That is where we part ways.

But the fact that the west will be using a tutored girl as a an ambassador is pathetic also - the west has run out of ideas and mascots. And hence the sickening resorting to the tricks of Malala kind.

They do have a lot of Malaal, sorrow, in store. Shallow sloganeering leads to sorrow only.