Saturday, July 13, 2013

Of Modis and Puppies

Gujrat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is aspiring to be the Prime Minister of India in coming elections in 2014.
He is the man associated with the Gujrat 2002 infamy.
Thousands of Muslims were massacred in those riots - with the connivance and participation of the administration lead by Modi.

Obviously some one will point out the Gujrat connection and foreign news agency, Reuters, did precisely that.

And Narendra Modi is sorry for what happened in Gujrat.
Well one feels sorry even when a puppy us killed in a road accident? Doesn't one?
So he is sorry.
Of course he is not responsible for what happened in Gujrat in 2002.
Says Modi.

Then you have the Indian media.
There is enough number of newsman in India who side with the BJP theory that Narendra Modi did not compare Muslims, the victims of Gujrat massacre, with dogs.

Indeed it is sickening how discourse can be hijacked in favour of the powers that be.

But, as yours truly asserted in an earlier post, Muslims of India should learn to take Modi on the chin.
Muslims should tell these misguided media lackeys that indeed there is a puppy comparison is Modi interview - whether you listen to the whole interview or not.

And if he has not been booked for his actions in 2002 then that is not taken by us as the proof of his lack of guilt.

And others also should not take it as the proof of his lack of guilt.
That he has managed to recapture the Gujrat Chief Ministership in two elections after 2002 too should not be taken as the proof of his lack of guilt.

All these evidences point to only one thing - lack of justice for the victims of 2002 Gujrat violence.
Failure of Indian justice system and by implication failure of Indian democracy.
If we live in a country who would like to use the longer then decade period to expect Muslims to forget what happened in Gujrat in 2002 then it indicated only one thing - failure of the country to do justice in case of pogroms and massacres - genocide events. India has lot to worry.

India does not forget a silly hunting slip on part of a Salman Khan or a silly weapon buying by a Sanjay Dutt. India is self righteously indignant to serve justice in those cases.

But a long series of the so called communal riots, actually Muslim massacres - pogroms, weight very light on Indian conscience.

The way events slowly and very painfully flowed towards the destruction of Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992 similarly we are slowly flowing towards 2014 general elections of India. In all probability Modi will not be the Prime Minister of India, Lord Most High wiling. There is lot of communalism in India but India is not Gujrat. May be we shall see a Modi debacle in 2014 and then Gujrat will finally get a clue to think about its shame of 2002.

May Allah (SWT) defeat the evil forces.

In the meanwhile Muslims of India should learn to think for themselves and to think on their feet. There might be twenty five crores of you and you have somehow painted yourself into a corner. Just walk out of this phony entrapment. Twenty five crore is a big number.