Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vindictive Wife

A woman in US has been sentenced for life for chopping off the organ of her former husband and tossing it into the waste basket. There is a technical name for this from the west: Bobbitization.

One might fell relieved with the justice served but should one?
The real problem remains unaddressed.
And what is the real problem?
Well the confusion prevailing in the US about roles of man and woman in society.
A confusion that has spread far and wide because of the simply observation that ideas of leading economic power become ideas of the world.
So India is not so impervious to these pervert notions.
When you talk of competing with the US on the economic front there is a possibility that you might be imbibing some cultural  notions also that are not yours.
Like assigning perverted roles to man and woman.

But first little bit of look at what US has come to. A book reviewer, Thomas E. Victor, finds the book Man on Strike terrifying and infuriating. The book details how American society has been screwed up in favour of woman. How American society has been completely screwed up against man. In hos own words:

Dr. Smith concisely describes how American society has become anti-male. As a result, men are opting for non-participation. A stand-out chapter is "Why Does Dad Stay in the Basement?" (pages 95-118), which posits that too many women view men as "perverts, predators, and goofballs." This chapter brings to mind the TV and radio commercials with dumb husbands being put in their place by their rude, condescending wives. Usually a callow male says or does something stupid, and then the wife sneers, "Slow down there, champ! Time to grow up and stop being a moron!" Imagine the outrage if the roles were reversed.
By the grace of Allah (SWT) we do have our faith to address the situation. Let us begin now for we have delayed it enough already.