Thursday, June 6, 2013

Take Modi on Chin

L.K.Advani has done a U-turn and supported Modi as BJP campaign chief.

But then why did we have any hopes from Mr L.K.Advani of Babri Masjid demolition infamy?

This is not a news that Modi is  a bad news for Muslims. Let us take it as such.
The road to face a calamity starts with the acknowledgement that it is looming on the horizon.
Let us accept the reality.
That way we are one step closer to deal it.

Muslims are marginalized, hapless, powerless, resource deprived, participation in power structure deprived and disorganized. But the power of the detractors is not more than the power of Allah (SWT).

If Allah (SWT) has preferred Islam as a way of life for us then He (SWT) must surely have put in elements in Islam that can be used to face the situation. Let us cut our vacation from Islam, once and forever.