Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Obvious Things

We The People
who have got secular education think, too many times, that these religious type people do not know much about the world. In some ways it might be true. No one will ask you to hunt in Deoband if you want the best Mathematician. For best Virologist you will not be directed to Saharanpur. For best Architect you shall not be referred to Nadwa. But is is no surety that we understand this world better than the religious people. For sure they understand the hereafter better than us. Hakim Akhtar Sahab (DB) once mentioned that many times a youngster will come and argue in a way that implies the Elder is just not reaching where youngster's thought are roaming.

This is not limited to youngsters. Even grown up people think that they know better than these Mullas. This is not such an uncommon occurring. We too many times think that these religious people do not understand the obvious things. The matter of fact is that when we live with a wrong notion for a long time then it becomes obvious to us. In reality it just that-a wrong notion. We shall leave the examples to some later posts.

And the ability, capability, opportunity to act upon any intention is from Lord Most High.