Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Mode to Thank Allah SWT

I know my acts of thanklessness far outstrip any words of your praise that I may conjure up but then who am I to live up to the level your benevolence demands when even your Prophets (AS) can hardly measure up to them.

Didn't beloved Prophet (SAW) tell the mother of believers Hazrat Ayesha (RA) that he who accounting begins is doomed?

I know I have every possible shortcoming that one can think of but I have deeply fallen into the thinking that if you gave me birth in a family that follows the Deen of your beloved Prophet (SAW) then I have ultimately to fear nothing.

I do get perturbed by the trials I face on the daily basis but in that also I have chosen to believe that this all is for driving me closer to you.

In know that my beloved Prophet (SAW) smiled a lot. From there I have started hoping that it will not be my fate that will wipe out the smile from his face.

When you tried our Prophet (SAW) it was was most painful trial but the tears we have shed on his trials will be acceptable to you for we accept all of your injunctions and we deny no part of your Deen.

And then you told me about Deoband. In the glitter of this modern world these villagers have kept the flame of faith alight. Will it be in vain that you brought me to them? These self-less servants of your Deen have been raising the curtains from the reality that the materialism has cast upon the pristine teachings of the your Rasool (SAW). I am deceiving myself that if you showed them to me it only means that I will be in their company on the Day of Judgement.

You sent me to this world in the Ummah of beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW). This has lead me to cheat myself into believing that this blessing will not be my last one. This is the blessing that other Prophets (AS) wanted but was denied to them except for Hazrat Isa (AS). I know you will not crack the most cruel joke on me by sending me in his Ummah but denying me an accounting in his company.

When I write these words I see that nearly all signs of the end times are in place. May be I shall see Mehdi (AS) but even if I don't I know he is very close by. I am only scared that this piling on of blessings upon each other is too good but it is nothing as compared to your Mercy that knows no bound.

So if we are in a tight corner in India then so what? We are in the Hizb of your Prophet (SAW) and we know that you are with us for that is your Hizb.

If the Muslims of the land of Amir Kabir Shah Hamadani (RA) are being tortured on the daily basis we know this is certainly the price we have to pay for our lack of commitment to your Deen.

If we are being killed mercilessly in Palestine I know your help is very near. We are weak and in no way can deliver the rights of your deen but you Mercy is boundless.

If Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya are destroyed then it certainly is because of our ignoring your Deen.

If we are ineffective in the rest of the world then that too is because of our shortcomings. You are Most Kind, do this favour to us and make our hearts strong against our enemies. Remove the love of this world from our hearts and from our hearts remove the fear of death. Include us amongst those who love you intensely.