Friday, May 8, 2015

Revival of Muslim Ummah

For quite some time it has been weighing rather heavy on my mind that I should off load the massive weight on my conscience in a series of book marked as the Revival of Muslim Ummah. A few days ago I jotted down following tentative titles.

Revival of Muslim Ummah Series

(1) A Short Introduction to Islam

(2) A Biography of Beloved Rasoolallah (SAW)

(3) A Temporal History of Muslims

(4) A Short View of Saviours of Islamic Spirit

(5) Spirit of Islam in Brief

(6) Review of Aligarh Movement

(7) Review of Deoband Revival of Islam

(8) Rebutting Atheism

(9) Social and Cultural Space of Islam

(10) Muslims on Science

(11) Business, Economy, Commerce and Finance

(12) Political State of Muslim Ummah

(13) Security and Military Environment of Muslim Ummah

(14) Islam and Muslim in India

(15) Islam and Psychology

(16) Western Who Hated Islam

(17) They Appreciated Islam

(18) Iqbal's Approach

(19) Intellectual Legacy of Islam

(20) Modern Guiding Lights of Islam

I will be more than happy if my idea is stolen and others do the needful.