Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dostoevsky Question

According to Mr Justice M. Katju Dostoevsky asked how can there be a God when many innocent children suffer of hunger, cold, beatings and deprivations ?

Hunger : God made this world an examination, a trial. Hunger is a trial and some times it does affect children. In Islamic theology children dying in tender age will not only go to heaven themselves but they will also take their parents there. There is pain and there is reward. When we know the pain we also got to believe in the reward. That is the positive attitude in this case.

Cold: Similar considerations as above.

Beatings: In this case the person doing the beating takes the blame and he will pay for it in the hereafter. If there is crime then there is punishment also in hereafter. God is just.

Deprivations: If the deprivation is caused by man then man will be punished for it. If the deprivation is from God then He will reward the deprived person.