Monday, December 2, 2013

Knowledge is Common Sense

We live in the times of excessive specialization.
This has the danger of reducing knowledge to a chimera.
We do think that knowledge is real but we think it is either some magic or some thing unattainable - except in some very limited field.
In reality knowledge ultimately is common sense.
Or developing your common sense - not for going beyond common sense but to reduce every bit of knowledge to common sense.
Every extraordinary achievement in the intellectual enterprise amounts to that - application of common sense.

Here are some examples.
What is the common sense behind Bill Gates?
Well just monopolize early on an upcoming field and sit on it like a snake.
It is common sense.

What is the common sense behind US success?
Well it is use of science and technology to economic and military ends.

Why is US more successful then the Europe who had a lead over the former in matters of science and technology?
They did not suck the intellectual capital from the rest of the world.

What is the common sense explanation of US economic decline?
Economic growth can not be maintained indefinitely.

Finally here is the disclaimer - yours truly has not hit upon the sure shot common sense behind all we see around us. The object is not to denigrate people of knowledge - they deserve their duly earned respect. But you deserve your respect when you have reduced your knowledge to common sense. If you do that you shall not be out of business. Perhaps your business has just begun.