Monday, November 4, 2013

Stephan Covey's Seven Habits

Stephan Covey's Seven Habits is a hugely popular concept.

Here are these in less than a nutshell:

(1) Be proactive
(2) Begin with the end in mind
(3) Put first things first
(4) Think win-win
(5) Seek first to understand and then to be understood
(6) Synergize
(7) Sharpen the saw

Q: Why didn't Islam talk about it?
A: The focus in above techniques is about worldly achievements.
Worldly achievements belongs to a person's earnings, rizq in Islam.
Rizq is from Allah (SWT).
It should be earned by lawful means and that was the necessary information for man. Or woman.
And Islam is all about lawful and unlawful classification.
And Allah (SWT) will find a way to  deliver our Rizq to us.
He (SWT) has taken the responsibility on Him.
No wonder He (SWT) rarely talks about how we should earn.
On the other hand He (SWT) keeps telling us to spend.
Now that is up to us. That is the thing on which we have more control.
And hence Islam talks more about spending and less about earning.

Additionally if we work hard Allah (SWT) will not waste our efforts.
So if we do wish for lots of worldly blessings, like money and all that, then working hard is not forbidden but encouraged and recommended as well as enjoined upon us. And this includes sharpening our earning skills. Thus Covey's strategy can be incorporated by believers with profit. With full knowledge that Allah (SWT) will not waste our hard work. We shall not receive from him less than our hard work. Or more than our destiny.