Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Poetry

This has been sent by Owais Jamal Shamsi:

He was professing a very long journey,
The traveller who got down just like that!

(Woh to keh raha tha kayee roz ka safar
Zanjeer kheench kar jo musafir utar gaya!)

Tough like a stone, soft like a candy,
Amidst darkness, he was like light

(Patthar tha magar barf ke ghalon tarah tha,
Ek shakhs andhere mein ujalon ki tarah tha)

Neither like dreams, nor like thoughts,
He, in deed, was like a riddle of Maths.

(Khwabon ki tarah tha, na khayalon ki tarah tha,
Woh ilm-e-riyazi ke sawalon ki tarah tha.)

(We'll like to repeat that Miyan was very happy with Owais Jamal Sahab for making the Mush'airah circle very active. Latter doesn't remember the poet for the first couplet above, the last two are by Musharraf Mehzar.)